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CW700S Sandstone

Lethbridge-20121120-00173 (1)

18 gallon cw lid

Half Moon Surround

half surround

Half Moon Surround Trash Recepticle – Steel Frame – Very Sturdy – Can be bolted to wall

Butt-Out Mini Barrel


Comes with flourescent Banding / stickers. (2)  

Surround Bin with Dome Cover and Decal


Choose from several decal designations.

Surround Bin


Fits 75 liter galvanized can with lid or a 91 litre plastic can with lid. Made from 1″x3″ plastic (100% Recycled) lumber.

Dome Cover Only


Dome Cover Only (no decal, no barrel) Choice of Color

Barrel Bin with Dome Cover and Decals


Decal on Barrel and Dome lid (your choice) Contact us for more details.

Barrel Bin with Dome Cover


Recycling Barrel with Dome cover/lid

Hanging Waste Basket with Lid


*Also Available with Plastic Liners – Dramatically increases recycling rates. – Hangs on any deskside recycling container. – Able to hang on desks or walls from 2 screws – Rounded corners and edges make easy cleaning. Size: 7.5″ x 5″ x 6.5″H Material: High Density Polyethylene

18 Gallon WC700

18 Gallon Recycling Bins

34 x 21 x 11 Uses bag size – 30 x 38

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