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Twin-Ram Balers – standard duty series

Model JF66 – two 6″ baling cylinders and two 6″ ejection cylinders, complete with auto tie, 60w x 40″ long top feed.  

Infeed Conveyor

Various conveyors for all sizes of balers

Down Stroke Balers

Vertical Balers – all sizes for cardboard, tin cans, newspaper, etc

J66 Horizontal Baler with Tipper

Full compression twin cylinder baler

Cumberland 100hp Used Granulator

575 volt, 3phase ,60hz

Avian G55 Granulators

MODEL G55/75 Main Motor             55kw Blower Motor            3hp Rotary Blade              6pcs Stationary Blade       4pcs Power                      575v – 3phase/60Hz Thru-put                 700 – 750 kg/h Cutting Chamber   750 x 550 mm Hopper Opening   750 x 800 mm   MODEL G55/100 Main Motor             75kw Blower Motor            3hp Rotary Blade              6pcs  

Avian G46/60 Granulator

MODEL G46/60 Main Motor       40 HP Blower Motor      3 HP Rotary Blade        2 pcs x 3 hooks – 6pcs Stationary Blade  2 pcs x 2 hooks – 4pcs Power                     575v – 3phase – 60Hz ThruPut                 400 – 450 KG/H Cutting Chamber  600 x 460mm Hopper Opening  600 x 500mm  

Avian G46/40 Granulator

MODEL G46/40 Main Motor       15 HP Blower Motor      3 HP Rotary Blade        1 pcs x 3 hooks – 3pcs Stationary Blade  1 pcs x 2 hoogs – 2pcs Power                     220v – 3phase – 60Hz ThruPut                 300 – 400 KG/H Cutting Chamber  400 x 460mm Hopper Opening  400 x 500mm

Summit Horizontal Balers

Summit Equipment provides some of the highest quality horizontal balers available. From Large to Small… Summit has a model suited for your needs.  Equally capable of papers, plastics, non-ferrous metals with no fluffers required. From fully automated, to manual styles, Summit delivers.  These products also include a 12 Month / 2,000 hour warranty.  

IPS Horizontal Balers

Exclusive Design: Never before could you get a horizontal baler with the popular sized 29″ wide by 43″ by 60″ long bale… and also have a huge charge box opening. Increased Productivity: Now you can feed large bulky corrugated, news, and most high grade materials without pre-conditioning.  And you will also get much higher through-put …

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