Our highly skilled, and capable instructors and staff are ALWAYS ready to provide the answers, products, and service that best meet your individual needs.  We are VERY proud of our staff, and know that you’ll find them easy to deal with, and eager to please.

Roland Morton
I have obtained my Commercial Pilot Licence in 1996, and have been employed in the aviation industry since that time.  I currently hold an Airline Transport Pilot Licence, with a Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating.  Over the years, I have flown a variety of single and multi-engine aircraft, throughout North America.  In 2002, Excel Flight Training Incorporated was born, and since then, I have invested most of my time and energy in the business of flight training.
As President, and on behalf of all of the staff at Excel Flight Training Incorporated, I welcome you to our flight school, and hope you find aviation as challenging and rewarding as we do.

Sheena Bennett
Flight Instructor
I started my aviation career in the fall of 1999 and completed the Professional Pilot Program within the following year.  I have been working as a flight instructor since 2000 and with Excel Flight Training since its inception. I completed my Class 2 Instructor Rating in 2005 while working at Excel and was then offered the position of Chief Flight Instructor.
I enjoy teaching every level of flight training from the brand new Private Pilot students to the multi engine and commercial students. It is very rewarding work to be teaching the future generation of aviators.

Chandler Cook
Flight Instructor
I began my flying as a student at Excel Flight Training in the summer of 2001. I continued on and finished the Professional Pilot Program and Instructor Rating and have been teaching since 2005. I currently hold my Class 2 Instructor Rating and Airline Transport Pilots License.  I have always been intrigued with aviation from a young age and enjoy working at Excel.

Chris Ueland
Flight Instructor
I started flying in the spring of 2002, it was crisp and sunny day as I recall.  I completed the Professional Pilot Program in April of 2007, and currently hold a Airline Transport Pilot Licence, Class 3 Instructor Rating, Multi-Engine IFR, Seaplane Rating and an American FAA Pilot Licence. I have been Instructing at Excel since January 2008, and enjoy working with each student, regardless of whether they are recreational or career oriented.

Taylor Driscoll
Flight Instructor
My journey to becoming a flight instructor started in the winter of 2012 when I began work on my Private Pilot License.  I soon finished my Commercial Pilot License by the spring of 2014 including my Multi-Engine Instrument Rating.  I began working at Excel Flight Training in the summer of 2014, and currently hold a Class 3 Instructor Rating.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching all types of students no matter of their skill level and am keen to give them all of the knowledge they will need to achieve the goals we set.

Taylor Christianson
Flight Instructor
I was born and raised on a ranch just north of Duchess, AB. The first flight I took was in my dad’s Cessna 172, and ever since then I have always been drawn to aviation. Working on the ranch, I would often get jealous when I saw an airplane or helicopter fly over. I started flying in the summer of 2012 with Super T Aviation in Medicine Hat, where I obtained my Private Pilot Licence, as well as my Commercial Pilot Licence in 2015. In the summer of 2015, I came to Excel Flight Training and obtained my Multi-Engine IFR.  I enjoy teaching, and look forward to mentoring future aviators.

Cody Hansen
Flight Instructor
Bio to Come…

Dallin Murray
Flight Instructor
Becoming a pilot was a childhood dream that eventually became a reality. The first time I flew a plane was one of the most amazing moments in my life and I still vividly remember the joy of that beautiful August evening back in 2005. The journey has been incredibly fun and memorable. I have completed the Commercial Multi-Engine IFR, Instructor rating, IATRA, and have flown a helicopter solo.  As well as teaching, I regularly fly a Cessna C-414 for a local corporation.