Our highly skilled, and capable instructors and staff are ALWAYS ready to provide the answers, products, and service that best meet your individual needs.  We are VERY proud of our staff, and know that you’ll find them easy to deal with, and eager to please.

Roland Morton
I obtained my Commercial Pilot Licence in 1996, and have been employed in the aviation industry since that time.  I currently hold an Airline Transport Pilot Licence, with a Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating.  Over the years, I have flown a variety of single and multi-engine aircraft, throughout North America.  In 2002, Excel Flight Training Incorporated was born, and since then, I have invested most of my time and energy in the business of flight training.
As President, and on behalf of all of the staff at Excel Flight Training Incorporated, I welcome you to our flight school, and hope you find aviation as challenging and rewarding as we do.

Chandler Cook
Flight Instructor
I began my flying as a student at Excel Flight Training in the summer of 2001. I continued on and finished the Professional Pilot Program and Instructor Rating and have been teaching since 2005. I currently hold my Class 2 Instructor Rating and Airline Transport Pilots License.  I have always been intrigued with aviation from a young age and enjoy working at Excel.

Mansoor Khawaja
Flight Instructor
Bio to Come…

Logan Reese
Flight Instructor
I grew up on a farm operating all kinds of heavy machinery, but I always dreamed of being in machines that are light enough to fly! There was a lot to learn and many skills to develop for me to feel confident and safe as a pilot. The instructors at Excel Flight Training helped me get there. I enjoy going places few people venture to and I enjoy going to those places by air. I quickly learned those sorts of back-country adventures require an understanding of a particular aircraft’s limitations and good training to safely fly to those limits. More recently, I found an interest in aerobatics and have enjoyed learning about and exploring those same aircraft limitations from a different perspective. There is always more to learn and more skills to hone. Excel Flight Training is a place where my dreams came true. I look forward to helping you realize your own flying dreams!