May 18, 2020

As we look towards relaunching our flight training services, hopefully in the near future, we are working hard to implement mandatory policies and procedures to keep both our staff and customers healthy and safe midst this COVID 19 pandemic.

Although we do not have a formal date on which we will resume our services at this time, we hope to be able to have all of our procedures in place to make the relaunch go as smoothly as possible.  We are hoping to be able to announce a relaunch date in the very near future as the province begins to announce its relaunch plan.

We have updated our web page to include a COVID-19 Info Tab, where these procedures can be viewed.  We ask that everyone please abide by our procedures, to minimize the risk of spread of this virus, and to minimize the risk of having to once again close due to an outbreak.  We ask that all customers please visit this page, and familiarize yourself with the information on the screening form, as these questions will have to be answered in order to proceed with your flight lesson.  As some of these procedures are fairly generic in nature, if you have specific questions regarding health and safety, please do not hesitate to ask.

We are asking that students please come solo for their flight lesson, in order for us to follow the proper social distancing requirements.  We are also asking that students do not congregate at the airport, but please come for your lesson, and then leave afterwards.  We cannot at this point have students remain at the school before or after lessons for studying or socializing.  We are also asking that if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, coughing, sore throat, runny nose, difficulty breathing, or are taking care of/been in contact with someone with these symptoms or a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, we ask that you kindly reschedule your flight lessons after 14 days of no symptoms. We realize that this can be inconvenient, but please understand that this will be a condition of us being able to be operating again.

While in the aircraft, wearing a mask will be mandatory.  PPE is in short supply at the moment – we will do our best to have PPE available for customers, but it would help if students were able to provide their own mask.  We are anticipating having disposable masks available, but should be unable to acquire these, we may have to cancel bookings in the interest of health and safety.  We ask that students wash their hands often and use hand sanitizer before and after each flight – gloves can be worn if you wish, but studies show that this does not prevent the spread of this virus or remove the need for good hand hygiene.

Any students with questions or concerns, please contact Excel Flight Training Incorporated, and we can discuss options going forward with regards to your program.  In the coming weeks, we do hope to be in contact with each student directly, but please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email in the meantime.

These are unprecedented times, and we thank you for continuing to support our business!  We will also be updating our Facebook profile as more information becomes available, so check back often.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

Roland Morton


Excel Flight Training Inc